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We specialize in reefer container maintenance management.

"Quickly, affordably, safely" ? These have always been the goals of the logistics industry, and we continue to innovate towards achieving them. The application of containers in ocean transportation has made transporting goods in massive quantities a reality, and mechanization, as seen in the use of gantry cranes, has enabled quick and safe loading operations at port sites. These have been the keys to the revolution in commodity transportation.

Various industries and products continue to change and move on a global scale to this day. Shipping also requires speed and accuracy. Meanwhile, the need for reefer containers that can maintain optimal conditions for consumer goods is increasing, specifically for fresh produce requiring refrigeration, meat and seafood requiring freezing, temperature-controlled items such as wine, films and medical equipment, and extremely low-temperature items such as frozen tuna, ice cream, and so on. At the same time, maintenance and management are increasingly critical, so the focus is not only on repairs, but also checking for any signs of trouble before incidents occur.

Nihon Engineering has built a rich knowledge base and know-how over its long company history, and we make use of our sharp technical edge and precise, quick responses to customer requests to provide services to our customers in the areas of reefer container power management, temperature monitoring reporting, and freezing unit repair. Our stellar reputation and trust have been earned by satisfying customer needs down to the details. We also have well-established experience in container monitoring and reporting, repair instructions to ships en route, log analysis of containers with cargo damage, and so on, as part of the services we provide. We hope to continue to provide vital support to our customers in their global logistics needs.

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